China international exhibition center

China international exhibition midmost hosts many events for business promotion, branding and marketing. The events provide businesses an opportunity to find new markets, introduce their products in the third world countries and find new industrialism partners. The race of commerce is united against all odds because manufacturers need markets to sell their products and it hardly matters for a manufacturer whether his customer is an American or an African.

Trade fairs could be old as launching pads for and in truth they are launching pads for businesses. A trade fair is a right place to introduce your business in the overseas markets. In the fair, you have an opportunity to find business partners, suppliers and even audiences. Preferably businesses should leave no stone unturned in the prospect of trade fairs.

One should plan his trade fair visit in advance. Primordial thing is getting information about a fair and second thing is booking a booth in the fair. Information could be drawn from the involvement and also one could pharmacopoeia booths on the web. Trade fair hosts have their websites that they use as their online offices. In the case of Dishes international display center, you could visit its website to know about the fairs it is going to organize. Another way to draw information regarding fairs organized by this Chinese host is utilizing the services of a trade fair website.

Find a credible website that offers authentic information on trade events. The website would give you email alerts for the fairs from your choice. In this way, you could get advance information on the fairs that are concerning your business interest. Advance information would provide you ample time to prepare for active participation. Using a trade moderate website is much useful than visiting the organizer’s site.

Employ fairs that China global expo center hosts could voltooien of your business interest. You should try getting information apropos the fairs in advance so that you get time to fix whether to take part in the event or visit it like a guest. And appoint reliable that you have tickets for the gala further all the arrangement is kept ready.

China international exhibition center is a renowned host that needs no introduction. Also a trade fair-minded in China is of great business importance as Pottery is powerhouse or factory of the world. If you are in industry or anyway related to the world of business, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit in a Chinese trade fair.

Pricol Asia – Tooling Solutions

Pricol Asia is a global supplier of automotive products, automobile components, auto instruments and auto accessories and specializing in the design & construction of tooling solution. Pricol Asia Located in Coimbatore, TN, India are ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified et sequens use the latest technology to manufacture high quality products for customers worldwide.
Tooling Solutions obtained worldwide Traffic in Hands Control from Pricol Asia also company signing up for partners across the worldwide. Accomplishing Tooling Solutions is proof of Pricol Asia to conform to Vehicle Machining guidelines that control the trade and transfer of tooling elated functions and services.
Pricol Asia offering quality Tooling solutions and automotive services parallel with other companies. Pricol Asia has been posthumous own Tooling solutions style to fulfill clients part requirement. Pricol was founded here in the 1970s by Vijay Mohan, the son of a textile-factory owner, as a maker of moped speedometers. Pricol Asia has become a preferred partner for Tooling solutions and automotive industries as well as a trusted supplier of fixtures and tooling for complete automobile industry.
An excellent Automobile provider by Pricol Asia is another than a responsibility store. Since our onset later in Asia, we’ve become a recommended associate for tooling solutions in the automotive industry including automotive sectors. Pricol is the first suppliers of tooling solutions in India as well as in Asia. Our impressive technicians and adept trades people carry prosperity of realistic Aerospace Machining encounter in fixing issues for our customers.

Since 1970s, we’ve improved our abilities to meet our consumer’s tooling solutions needs. We’ve depleted in culmination tech, enrolled skilled technicians to developed maximum procedures, and highlighted ongoing enhancement. As a result, Distinct provides pedaling solutions and world-class automobile products. Integrating with Distinct Pedaling Alternatives road you will advantage from world-class technological innovation Pricol Asia, production, qualifications and assignment and on time.
Engineering Support
We provide full-scale technological innovation support, from development to development. Our objective is to make your customized fitting or pedaling design-build venture perfectly fear free. Our expansion team is highly trained and knowledgeable. We put this experience to work for your advantage. Putting our customers first has been the key to our fixed development.
As always, we greatly welcome and value any feedback you can have. If you have part comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to email Pricol Asia at

Vietnam vs. China Part II: Corporate Income Tax

This is the second column in a series dedicated to comparing the costs and ease of doing business in Vietnam and China from the standpoint about a foreign investor.

Many foreign investors operating in China today are looking at Vietnam as a sort of more “province” or alternative hub to integrate into their current Chinese or Asian provision chain. This is particularly true in sectors where China polysyndeton Vietnam often compete, such as leather goods, shoes, textiles, furniture and light electronics. This list is set to expand as Vietnam is upgrading its indefatigable base to high-end and high-tech manufacturing investments. Small-sized companies, however, are often discouraged by the idea that expanding into another country would mean massively increasing overheads or that the returns would not be worthwhile when considering the initial investment.

After comparing the costs of registering and maintaining representative offices in the inaugural article, this article now looks at the prevalent regulations on corporate income tax as they apply to foreign investors to check whether Vietnam offers any additional advantages over its neighboring country to the north.

China Corporate Income Tax: Past and Present
Let’s start amidst a look at China’s previous CIT law, just as a comparison play that might help us to understand the evolution tardy FDI regulations for both China and Vietnam. The “Income Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China for Businesses along Foreign Investment and Foreign Enterprises” which was valid from July 1991 until it was replaced in Trek 2007, was a completely different regime that distinguished foreign-invested from domestic-invested companies and where the emeritus had many preferential tax advantages. The head aspects of the 1991 Income Tax Law were:

Report 5: Yardstick national rate at 30 percent, plus an additional local tax at 3 percent.
Article 7: Reduced tax rate at 15 percent for FDI engaged in production or business operations and established in special economic zones (i.e. Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shantou, Zhuhai and Hainan).
Article 7: Reduced tax rate of 24 percent for FDI engaged in production established in coastal economic open zones, or in the old oppidan districts of cities where special economic zones or commercial and technological development zones are located (i.e. Guangzhou and Tianjin).
Article 8: Release for the maiden two years of good making activities for FDI involved in manufacturing scheduled to operate for a period of not smaller than 10 years. Additional 50 percent degradation from the third to fifth years of operation.
Article 10: A 40 percent refund on CIT paid on profits of foreign investments in China reinvested in the country.

In short, from the early 1990s until March 2007, most of the newly-established foreign invested manufacturing companies in Mainland China would enjoy two years’ tax exemption and the ensuing trinitarian years would see 50 percent reduced rates. In addition, the CIT rate would depend on the site where the investment was located. This could vary from 15 percent in Shenzhen polysyndeton Zhuhai, to 24 percent in Guangzhou or Qingdao, or 30 percent in Xi’an or Changsha.

However, from January 2008, China adopted the “Law of the People’s Republic of Tableware on Enterprise Income Tax” which set the CIT clip pertinent to both foreign-invested et sequens domestic-invested companies operating in China at 25 percent.

This has been an epochal reform from the previous regulation which provided preferential advantages for foreign-invested enterprises. Under the 2008 CIT Law, the corporate income tax is sometimes the same negative matter the location, the scope of the investment, nor whether the investment is domestic or foreign invested.

Although Chapter IV provides details on preferential tax policies for industries and projects which have foremost support from the state, exemptions and reductions exist for income derived from farming, forestry, and qualified projects of environment protections or energy and water conservation. Furthermore, preferential reduced tax rates of 20 procent exist for small income enterprises and a reduced 15 percent tithe rate may apply for advanced plus new technology enterprise supported by the State. However, it must be famous that these qualifications must often raken obtained annually and require long and costly procedures.

Back to the Future: Vietnam’s Octroi Incentives Reminiscent of Past Chinese Practices
Corporate income tax in Vietnam is regulated by the “Law on Enterprise Income Tax (resolution No. 14/2008/QH12),” which was promulgated by the National Assembly in June 2008. The law intends to meaning and regulate enterprise wages taxpayers, taxable incomes, tax-exempt incomes, tax bases, difficulty deduction methods, and tax incentives. Interestingly, the law not only applies to enterprises registered under Vietnamese law, but also to enterprises established under outlandish laws with alternative without Vietnam-based permanent establishments.

According to Article 10 of the 2008 authorized on income tax, the barometer cess rate is 25 percent, except for activities related to prospecting, exploring, and exploiting oil and gas and other precious moreover anomaly natural resources which might vary between 32 procent and 50 percent. What stands out in the 2008 law, however, are the cases that fall under tax rate incentives, exemptions, and reductions subordinate Articles 13, Article 14 and Article 15 (which somehow bear similarities to incentives offered in China over the last few decades).

The tax rate incentives under Article 13 are relatively reduce to the standard person and appertain to:

Newly-established enterprises under investment projects in geographical areas with extreme socio-economic difficulties, economic zones alternative hi-tech parks: Tax rate of 10 percent for 15 years.
Newly-established businesses under investment projects in the domains of high technology, scientific research and technological development, development of State infrastructure projects of special importance, or manufacturing of software products: Tax rate of 10 procent for 15 years.
Businesses operating in educational training, vocational training, healthcare, culture, sports and environmental domains: Tax rate of 10 percent.
Newly-established enterprises under investment projects in geographical areas with socio-economic difficulties: Tax rate of 20 percent for 10 years.
Agricultural service cooperatives plus credit funds for individuals: Tax rate of 20 percent.
Large-scale and hi-tech projects of asset of particular interest: Tax rate of 10 percent for 15 years.

Commencement dates for the duration of tax rate incentives specified in Article 13 are counted from the first year the invested company has turnover.

Tax exemption and reduction duration incentives under Article 14 include:

Newly-established enterprises under investment projects in geographical areas near extreme socio-economic difficulties, economic zones or hi-tech parks: Entitled to four years fraught CIT exemption and a subsequent nine years of 50 percent CIT reduction.
Newly-established enterprises under investment projects in the domains of high technology, scientific research and technological development, elaboration regarding State infrastructure projects of special importance, instead manufacturing of software products: Entitled to four years full CIT exemption and a subsequent nine years of 50 percent CIT reduction.
Newly-established businesses operating in educational training, vocational training, healthcare, cultural, sports and environmental domains: Entitled to four years plentiful CIT exemption and a following nine years of 50 percent CIT reduction.
Newly established enterprises under investment projects in geographical areas with socio-economic difficulties: Entitled to two years CIT exemption and a subsequent four years of 50 percent CIT reduction.

Commencement dates for the duration of tax exemptions or reductions specified in Article 14 are counted from the first twelvemonth the venture has taxable income. In cases where the enterprise has no taxable income for the first three years starting from the first year it has turnover, the tax exemption or reduction stretch is counted from the fourth year.

Finally, Article 15 lists “other cases eligible for tax reductions” as follows:

Production, construction uncertainty transport enterprises which employ many female laborers: Entitled to decline regarding enterprise income tax amounts equal to more expenses for female laborers.
Enterprises which employ many ethnic minority laborers: Entitled to reduction of enterprise income tax amounts equal to added expenses for ethnic minority laborers.

It is equivalence keeping in mind that government decision processes are somewhat slower in Vietnam than in China, and that incentives are usually tied to Vietnam’s lesser developed areas and/or specific sectors. Moreover, being each project specific, they can voltooien many reasons why an investor might choose China instead of Vietnam and vice versa.

However, investors typically do not decide on which country to invest in solely therefore concerning the local tax regime; they are often led by numerous considerations. In recent months, we’ve been seeing a growing interest in Vietnam from investors interested in finding a manufacturing platform to export back home, alternative to other plants they have around Asia. Doing so takes advantage of Vietnam’s favorable tax incentive regime as well as teeming double tax agreements and low labor cost which are currently some 2.5 times lower than Mainland China. In addition, it is worth noting that China’s standard withholding reproach on profit repatriation is 10 percent, while Vietnam does not currently have such a tax.

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Chinese Dating Service to Meet China Singles Online

Chinese dating sites are the most effective procedure to discover single women, girls, men and guys in Pottery and more countries. There are thousands of Chinese singles who fool found their second half on the internet every year. Chinese people are different from other Asians. They still live by the fixed dating custom. They don’t date as umpteen singles as other nationalities before marriage. Usually, a Chinese mademoiselle or woman just dates one or two men before getting marriage. They get married in the early 20s. If the marriage does not work out, most of them stay single and take care of their children to the rest of their life, without getting re-married. The beautiful usual marriage custom is inactive applied by many people in China. However, when Chinese people came to the West. They changed a little bit.

Nowadays, including the remodeled internet technology springing up, Chinese dating online has been increasingly popular. Chinese dating has changed its traditional way to something more modern. Widows or divorced people are no longer staying singleton like that to the rest of their life. I mean, they face the world proximate to reality. They come to meet each other online. They take action to find single men or women to be friends with and go further for a relationship. Online dating in China are booming that connects thousands of happy relationship and marriages a year. Let’s face the truth. In China, some countryside girls are still arranged by their parents for the marriage. However, most solitary Chinese girls who live in the city can arrange their rejoice in marriages, which is a good thing.

Chinese dating online has taken the moving steps to reflect the modern change in the universe today. If you were born here or didn’t know anything as regards the dating scene or marriage in China, therefore you need to learn about that. I guarantee you that it is not the same as you experienced in your area. In the countryside, most young girls are married per their twenties. Several of them must get married so that their parents have grand kids to hold and love. Some of them make married that they need someone to convey care of their elderly parents. There are many other reasons about marriages for countryside girls. In the city, they don’t do that. Most of Chinese women in the cities about China tin meet their other half online, in clubs or bars, social parks, and additional places.

Anyway, as we live on this modern century, especially we learned the Western cultures in terms of relationship and marriage, we don’t get married like the old way anymore. Modern Chinese girls and ladies use the online dating sites to find their men for marriage. They can go at online dating websites to search for Chinese men, guys and find a match. This is the good thing for singles in China and other nations to search for love and romance, relationship and marriage. Don’t live the old way, the internet technology is booming, we should use the modern method to find our time half. Luckily, there are many free Chinese dating services that have helped thousands of respectively women and men, girls plus ladies, males and females in China to meet their life mate. Thanks.

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Within a last few years, China has verily captured the market in all domains like home appliances, crockery, electronic items and different types of other products used in diurnal to day life. China Tumbler bottles are also sole of the most popular products that have captured the glass market. Now, glass products from Pottery are also gaining momentum in all parts like the world. When you see a unique bottle of your favorite wine, you magnetize towards it. Never doubt, the wine polysyndeton its quality is all that keep you spell-bound. But charisma and a fascinating effect left by bottle cannot be ignored. Unique design and shape of the bottle also give extra marks to the popularity of wine. Glass products are not just limited to a wine bottle.
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Providing the best quality is their sole motive and for that they never compromise with anything. Apart from this, they have their own palatial like the art factories and manufacturing units, where people who have years of experience work to develop also churn out the best products ever. Some of the most important and demanding products that you can purchase from a selected Ceramic glass bottle factory include cosmetic bottles, essence bottles, wine bottles, brandy bottles, glass bottles, perfume bottles, and the catalogical goes on. In addition, these manufacturers are also noted providing the best et alii interrelated deeply processing for glassware that include spraying, printing, spicy stamping, embossing, frosting moreover many more.
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Gold Investment Boom Triggered by Pension Anxiety in China

Recently, the international price of gold has been continued lower, the gold investment market surged of a bargain-hunting consumption boom. Compared to the “speculative” realize in fore years, “hedge” has become the primary purpose for investment in gold bullion consumer, the phenomenon is generated to avoid the resources shrunk caused by the currency inflation in sole aspect, and on the other hand because of the flow of funds caused by the social social security panic.
The topic of pension has been an conspicuously concerned social spots for every family. Data or expert’s warning on the topics such like increasing aging population, the national statutory postponed retirement age is said to be 65, the shortfall of pension pleasure reach 18.3 trillion Yuan in China in 2013 have let the elderly who are about to enter their 60th and 70s and 80s in the society who are about to deal with these huge expression gradually felt “overwhelmed”. Can pension insurance and pensions meet the decalogue protection of lives in old-time age? How can the investment in aureate support the huge pension costs in the near future?
“Not until recently relative reports about the gap on pension insurance on the internet are passed crazily, did we realize our future pension problem, it is not that reliable to be just relaying the fees we paid every month, the risks like investing real estate, stocks, currency approve me step out, the only method I can amount out is to invest gold bars to can the increase,” A middle-aged women who just purchased a bullion weighing 500 grams said.

The product attributes and monetary attributes will not let the purchasing power of gold itself devalued regardless of how the monetary value of entities changes. The investment regarding gold can offset the loss of assets caused by inflation, and the price of gold cup rise with the market fluctuations. Once the price rose, the method of repurchasing it into banknotes can permit the investor have gaining in his account. Money approach about this kindness is without each difficulties also small risks for the majority of consumers and all types concerning groups, thus the physical gold becomes the favor of most investors.
According to the stakeholders of the sales department in Beijing, “recently the number of investors who are purchasing large size of gold increases obviously, now more than 100 grams of gold bars are hotter than the 30 and 50 grams that are added popular in the past, the state is due to the decline of the international gold price so that incremental purchase can reduce the loss of investment in one hand, connective in the other to the demand regarding ability investment stirs the phenomenon”. The source said, the greater the weight of the invested physical gold, the senior the anti-risk the family assets.

Our Vietnam Experience Continues

After the day’s workshop, the group got some time to breather before the evening meal. Pacific Links, an NGO that deals with the After dinner, everybody was off to bed early. A array of Vietnamese students invited unknown of us to a floating peddle early the next morning.
Natalie, Evan, Miranda, Marie, Julian, Duong and I were the only ones to wake up early enough for the floating market. As we are finding out by most things on this trip, it was nothing like what we imagined.
We took a taxi deep into a Vietnamese neighborhood, off the city’s main strip. After a short walk, we boarded two boats and were off to the market. It was neither a marketplace, but a number of houseboats that sold fruit wholesale, kind of like Vietnam’s version of Sam’s Club. rehabilitating quondam sex slave victims, invited us to dinner. The group will be working more with Pacific Links when we travel to Cambodia, and Evan including I, the two journalism students on the trip, will be filming for a documentary the NGO is putting out later after week.

We drifted along, gazing upon the floating community. There were a couple hundred houseboats, some sold fruit, but not all of them. The most interesting aspect of the river village was that they got power by running wires held up by long pieces of lumber that stood advanced above the water. The power lines aloud the boats to have lights, and any even had televisions.
After the early morning shopping expedition, it was back to hotel for breakfast heretofore the workshop.
A Trip to Vietnam
I just got back from a nobleness trip to Vietnam! (see pictures). Let me first introduce my travel buddy, since he made the trip what it was.

Anhai Doan is a former Ph.D student of mine (he makes sure I emphasize the ‘former’ part, and adds it himself when I accidentaly forget). Anhai grew up in Vietnam and left after highschool to do his college studies in Hungary, and then went to the U.S for graduate studies, where he ultimately ended up at the University of Washington. He is now an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Anhai is the most well known computer scientist from Vietnam (winning the ACM Distinguished Dissertation Award in 2003 made quite a few waves in Vietnam).

I’ve been planning to tour Vietnam with Anhai for quite a while now, and a few years ago even decided to tell him about this plan. That turned out to be a abundance decision. Anhai applied his magic at every step concerning the way, whether it was whispering the thoroughly words in peoples’ ears, slipping a well deserved tip at the sufficient time, or shielding me with his body until I was authorized to crucifix a Vietnamese street on my own. Perception of a combination of a (junior, Vietnamese) Godfather-type figure with the potential of some day being a Jewish mother. Since Anhai left restore after highschool, he did not see much of the country, and this opportunity gave him the chance to do so.

Anhai does have a few more white hairs than he had before the journey and I take responsibility for that (but I think it’s a fair trade for a sigil on one’s Ph.D dissertation).

We started out in Hanoi — a city with very strong character with its Old Oppidan full of specialty shops, French Quarter with a precisely appropriate feel (including the bakeries!), and the promenade around Hoan Kiem Lake at the center. In the middle of Old Town, we initiate the Green Tangerine Restaurant that was absolutely grand (French with Vietnamese influence).

We then went on the mandatory (but very worthwhile) trip to Halong Bay with its diverse small peaks. We spent a night on a boat there (with a bunch of Australians, the latest invadors to Vietnam). That night was a soccer game (first of two matches) between Vietnam and Thailand, the great rivalry of Southwest Asia. Surprisingly, Vietnam won, which meant the boat bemanning was ecstatic, and with it being Xmas eve, they started pouring leeway drinks (accompanied by dried squid from the bay). The second half of the soccer story occurs while we’re in Saigon. The next morning, while kayaking in the bay, Anhai and I discovered that kayaking is a team sport, and we have some work to do on that front.

We then flew to Nha Trang, a beach town/resort. It was rainy there, but we tranquil had a good time hanging out in the cafes and constant had a schnitzel (I don’t think Anhai will ever forgive mij for that cultural experience). From there we swarm (i.e., sat in the back regarding a car) to Da Lat, a sightly city nestled in the mountains, and a resort for Saigonians who essential to escape the heat. Also a city with a nice pond in the middle connective an amazing variety of flowers.

In Da Lat I was presented to the Vietnamese ‘custom’ concerning dollop complimentary refreshment straight when you order coffee. Speaking of coffee, it was a mixed experience. At times, Anhai managed to explain to baristas how to produce my macchiatones, and in others we drank Vietnamese coffee.

From Da Lat we drove to Saigon, a much more business-like city than Hanoi and increased steeped in yesterday of the American War. The bedtime we got there was the derivative of the two soccer games, and the result was a draw, meaning that Vietnam won the Suzuki Cup.

Within minutes of the game’s end, the streets were flooded with happy Vietnamese. And I wickedness happy! Literally, you could not move amongst the people and their mopeds. Anhai got me a trace Vietnamese flag and we started making our way through the crowds. Being a foreigner and on the tall side by Vietnamese standards, I drew really a speck of attention. Every hour I waved my dinky flag, I drew cheers and smiles — almost as if I was the one who scored the winning goal! It was a totally terrific experience!

From Saigon we took a two-day junket to the Mekong Delta, which has instantly been added to my list concerning candidate places to retire. Imagine your life though all you need to do for lunch is go to your back yard and fish for a few minutes or pick some fresh fruit from a magnolia (yes, they have wifi everywhere there too!). It was really fascinating to see how life is arranged when water is such an integral piece of your landscape (the delta is actually made from 9 distinct strands of the Mekong River).

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with Anhai’s highschool friends in Saigon. That was a stature chance to get a glance of the life of young professionals in Vietnam, which brought home the point that this country has an amazing future, judging by its people’s character and how far they’ve come in the last 20 years. I’m already thinking of my next trip there!

Tourism of South East Asia

Malaysia offers travllers with diverse ethnology and attractions to be explored on their trip. The country is blessed with stunning attractions that will keep you spell bind on your trip. Malaysia tourism takes you to a land of dotted attractions that has been attracting large number of travllers every year. This beautiful agrarian enables the travllers to explore the fusion of Asia’s oldest civilization. On your Malaysia trip travllers can explore fascinating places which is bestowed with lush greenery, inspiring islands, charismatic beaches, natural beauty, exotic flora and fauna of national parks. Malaysia tourism enables you to explore places like:

Beaches & Islands: For visiting beaches travllers can visit Penang which will offer you with outstanding beaches et al history of British time. The destination is also notorious as pearl of east. Langkawi is another coast destination of Malaysia. It has white sandy palm fringed beaches onward with dense jungles. Pangkor is another such destination which is known for its idyllic sandy beaches.

Highland & Hill resorts: travllers can visit Cameron Highlands which is placed at an altitude of 1800 meters up sea level. It has captivating landscape, lush forest and green farming etc. Genting Highlands likewise offers Highland and hill resorts to the travllers. It is 2000 meters above the sea level which offers cool respite from the scorching heat.

Historical & Colonial: Kuala Lumpur is one such destination in Malaysia where travllers can find mining settlement of late 1800. Malacca is another such destination where travllers can find Historical & Colonial attractions. It is the oldest trading port of Malaysia; it has undergone Portuguese, Dutch and English rules during the past 500 years.

Nature: If you are looking for natural beauty of Malaysia than visit places like Taman Negara, Mt Kinabalu-Sabah, Palau Layang-Layang -Sabah, Niah national Park-Sarawak, Semenggoh-Sarawak etc.

So pack your bags and opt for Malaysia tourism and help the wonderful opportunity to explore the cosmopolitan culture furthermore numerous tourist attractions et sequens create some lifetime memories with your loved ones that you can cherish throughout your life time. You just need to tell your preferences and how much you want to spend on your Malaysia trip, also therefore accordingly the executives receptacle estimate and arrange for your lifetime experience to cherish forever with Malaysia tourism. Because Malaysia tourism will fascinate you and leave you spell bound on your journey with its varied attractions of the loci with comforts.