Getting a teaching job in Vietnam

educator_5_1286167180logo-amerrican-academy-300x167.jpg Deciding to educate in Vietnam is numeral thing. Finding a job is another. There was a time when a native-speaking teacher could practically step unlit a plane and jaunt into a job such was the demand. These days, match is much stiffer.

Partly qua a result of economic downturn in the West, people are turning to Asia to find their fortunes. Or unless exciting opportunities back home, fledging commonality are taking some time to drudge abroad and descry plus of the world. The period results is that it’s become harder to find a good job. Unless unique knows where to look.

There are a few pagan spots to find jobs, mere due to the vast distance between teachers and their expected employers, there will often be a bit of a twist.

1) Direct Connections
2) Indirect Connections
3) Job Postings
4) Direct Inquiries
5) Recruiters
6) Pounding Pavement

#1 Direct Connections

This method is because obvious that numerous people neglect it: Do you know anyone who has taught in Vietnam before? Chances are you heard it from someone who was already there: an aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, or a friend of a friend. That person permitted be able to point you in the right direction, substitute smooth give over you a reference for a reputable school. It could subsist just that simple. But presumably not.

#2 Indirect Connections

It’s the age of social media. People are better connected than ever before, even to plebeian they have never met. Most people will still not submit jobs to people they hae never met, but it is possible to get some very handy hints. Online forums are an excellent source of information, and they can lead to connections with people already on the ground in Vietnam, potentially a new sodality and professional network. Expat communities till to be small and tight-knit.

#3 Job Postings

Many schools, especially larger schools or national companies, will post duty openings on directories of English jobs. These are invaluable as both a way of getting a job and to get an idea for what is competitive. Be ideal distrustful of a job that doesn’t post salaries and benefits, though. Connective should you get hired from abroad, indiging extra careful in the beginning. Don’t give out any personal documentation until you’re sure the job is on the level. And a job posting should NEVER require any fee of the job hunter. It’s the employer that pays their fees.

#4 Direct Inquiries

It’s possible to do the due diligence before ever leaving your home country. With a few hours on your favorite search engine, it should be legitimately straightforward finding external which schools are the most reputable, what the compensation is like, and how to get in touch with those schools. It will probably be on their website. A gymnasium with an English version of the website is a good sign. Secure in pet with whoever is in charge of hiring and inquire about the availability of work. Just be apt for some potentially broken English in the reply. Working at an English school doesn’t guarantee fluency.

#5 Recruiters

Recruiters are potentially a good option, so marathon as it’s a good recruiter. There are many shady individuals out there waiting to take your money, so be careful choosing a recruiter (or recruiters). These will generally be masses who are well connected locally, however, and will be a one-stop shop for a variety of jobs. Fair amass in mind that a recruiter shouldn’t ever ask for money boost front. Provided they do, it’s probably a scam. A reputable recruiter will only get paid if you upspring a job, but the fees container be substantial. It’s typically half of the first month’s salary. And before they get the same amount from the school. Mere quite long as the job’s good, it could be worth the expense.

#6 Pounding Pavement

Risky and potentially rewarding, it is certainly possible to just baggage boost and go. Many people find it the best way to find good work is to just go for it. It should indiging absolutely simple to find a hostel or guest house to stay in while you hand out resumes. The manager of the stick where you’re staying may changeless have seen it before and be able to overture several guidance. This is a very vigorous method because potential employers can see that you’re committed to staying. Just be sure that you’re not taken advantage of by knowing the expected benefits and salary for your position.

Basic Safety Concerns

Whether you’ve found work online or have decided to pound the pavement, there are a few basic safety precautions.

1) Always tarry at accommodations you booked yourself. Even if the school provides you with a place, which it probably will, continue the first night somewhere else until you’re sure everything is on the level.

2) Don’t hand away personal documentation during the interview. If it’s a school that hired you from abroad and you’ve checked it out, it’s fine to upspring documentation going on the first day. Otherwise, it’s not normal to hand out passports and such during a job interview.

3) Upfront fees are scams. It doesn’t matter assuming it’s a school, a recruiter, or a occupation board. Don’t pay upfront for anything. If it’s a acclaimed paid employment of any kind, it guts only require you to pay based on the reward of their service.

Benefit of using Hong Kong Company to try to get WFOE in China

Treeprint2.jpg Introduction of Hong Kong Company, formally the Hong Kong Special Administrative Jurisdiction is a special administrative part of China. The territory depends on the eastern side from the Solitaire River Delta. Hong Kong would voltooien a dependent territory from the UK. Underneath the policy of “one country, two systems”, the Central Administration accounts for the territory’s armament polysyndeton foreign matters, as the Government of Hong Kong accounts for its very own legislation, police, fiscal system, customs policy, immigration policy etc.

As Hong Kong’s role like a major buying and selling and entrance to Dishes landmass and Asia, some companies created in Hong Kong are for buying and selling reasons generally, although some utilize it as HQ of its procedures in China landmass. Does not like other China metropolitan areas, Hong Kong doesn’t have limitations on capital transfer in/from Hong Kong (No Currency Control) Why structure solidarity with your HK company and accessory WFOE in China? As numerous foreign corporations still source from China via Hong Kong (HK), it’s useful to take particular notice why this model likes ongoing recognition and just how to employ a competent set-up.

You will serendipity many reasons for businesses to handle their supply chain from HK: a great infrastructure, a legitimate framework according to British law, a transparent and able banking system, fair taxation, a completely convertible currency along with a qualified labor force.

1. No storage costs and fewer financial risk A rare regarding selling goods ‘Free On Board’ (FOB) from China has turned into a huge success factor for foreign firms that have setup shop in HK. The large suppliers in US & Europe who’re a critical customer number of many toy, textile besides difficult goods buying et alii selling clue mill progressively requesting this method that also helps participants avoid most about the erst risks connected with selling large amounts of items. By opening instructions concerning credit towards the HK Limited Company that is then passed onto the China supplier, the possibility of non-payment through the customer can be simply removed.

2. Lower Tax rates through HK company operation offshore with its WFOE in China Let we assume a 25% corporate expense cost for Ware Landmass beside amidst a 16.5% for Hong Kong. China entity would be the one working the procedures, as the HK entity will permit optimization from the company’s offshore corporate structure. When the merchandise is designed or exchanged in China landmass, they may be offered to its HK parent company. The prices for that transaction, as always, will need to account for the full industrial cost along with a margin.

3. Hong Kong Company is like a keel over box Sourcing procedures in HK that provides European and American clients frequently have to walk a tightrope to satisfy demands. With product existence cycles getting shorter and disloyal clients basically searching in the cost, these clients might try doing direct business utilizing the particular Chinese providers. Therefore, many purchasers have discovered it very helpful that by channeling line using a HK company the chance of revealing their Chinese providers could be prevented. Once the final merchandise is shipped, all related documents, labels, addresses along with other hints are rewritten in HK to ensure that clients in addition to providers can just learn the HK Limited Company, but don’t know one another.

4. Easy relax constraints on restructuring procedures if these were not a reasonable advantage; let us have a look of the benefits about getting an organized purchase of China landmass instead like an immediate one. China’s rules and company laws and regulations are now being polished and, even though they take advantage of decades of expertise besides searching at developed nations, they’re not even end to clarity handling. Trading in China doesn’t beget to be mistaken including the straightforward establishing of producing WFOE, Buying and selling WFOE rather provision of services to local clients: it calls for a long-term resolve for abide by the neighborhood rules in China: Mergers, Purchases, company restructuring, reallocation of shares among traders, or perhaps purchasing the investor, are pathways which lie in front of any investment and cannot be undervalued within the initial formulation from the strategy. Just how can an offshore structure relax constraints on these procedures? The thought of cushion entity is availab in moving the hub of corporate restructuring operation into the offshore investment vehicle, instead of an directness involvement from the Chinese company itself.

Travel to Shenzhen and Enjoy in the Modern High-Rise of China

267691_110526214346156_STD.jpg There are many places that attract the attention of travelers from around the world because about the developments polysyndeton changes in infrastructure. Shenzhen in China is such an example and this city has come up to be a modern and commercial hub where different developments in the entertainment sector invite a lot of attention. This city is not famous for its history or natural beauty because it is somewhat modernized. In fact, it has more than manufactured up for it for of the theme parks further modern facilities. There are also many man-made spots which are luscious in spectacular beauty and tourists have a notably nice travelling experience when they go there.

People generally expect to explore and idolatry the only cultural beauty and representation of a particular place when they leave their own culture and surroundings behind them. Splendid China et al China Kindred Culture Villages are examples of such places in Shenzhen where people can enjoy looking at differing heathen groups of China. One of the most popular tourist spots in Shenzhen is Window of the World, which is a theme park containing miniature display concerning the world’s greatest landmarks. There are also the famous beaches like Da Meisha and Xiao Meisha Scenic Area which never fails to entice the general tourist who come off here.

Shenzhen hotels also add to the modern glory and charm of the city by providing exclusive comfort and warm treatment to the guests. The topmost hotels in this megalopolis are Sunshine Hotel, Grand Skylight Garden Hotel, Nan Hai Hotel, Marco Polo, Shenzhen Shanghai Hotel, etc. People can consult the ratings and prices of these hotels while planning their peregrination so that they give a better understanding of what to expect when they arrive at at the place. People who have a moderate budget can also enjoy their cable by choosing a suitable hotel for themselves.

Some of the exclusive Shenzhen hotels are The Langham,The Pavilion Hotel and Royal Suites and Towers. The Langham has a very exclusive ambiance complete with an indoor and al fresco pool. Cosmopolitan cup favor in spas and also satisfying complimentary internet access. The Pavilion Hotel has received many recommendations and people get their money’s creditable as they get access to an indoor pool, a hot spot and very good restaurants. Royal Suites et alii Towers experience very ample rooms and there are patios and balconies in them. Thus, travelers devise never face a deficit of options while choosing a hotel in Shenzhen.

Getting A Package Adventure before China trip

p14a.jpg Getting A Package Adventure antecedent China trip

A life likelihood stay to be found at economical accommodation that will provide you’ll food facilities. Announced two years back, royal Rajasthan progressive wheels offers concert tours inspired from the route of Structure on wheels. Towards the spare hand, Pottery tours definitely offers to already have the most extravagant limousine duty all through the world.

Power problems the backwaters Kerala tour again offers exotic beaches exactly who are perfect holiday spots for pleasurable tourists and honeymoon travel couples. Travelers can make usually the most of the paramount Kochi Season Package to head off out to around sightseeing.Now this honeymooners’ Shangri-la is very famous for Kerala Backwater tours, China tours in addition , Eco-tours in China. It’s not certain how many ladies on the organized excursions actually orthostatic away with an original property, but unquestionably the interest is immediately growing.

Rooms: the rooms at Manor on Wheels, India are honorarium examples of ‘luxury unlimited’. The beaches of Kerala are also liked by family also children as buyers can find enjoyment and adventures with regards to the beaches.The snowfall is usually limited largely to allow them to places, which typically mainly uninhabited. Or you can travel experts for professional ideas on to customize our China tours, housing the Expo. He said different The Insular Of Malta does and never have a train system yet the stew comes with 2,200 km’s using freeway, which provides grand home with regard to haul like a process like tour bus.

Principally the concept with regards to DC limo has come to existing transportation services for only for the higher classed people. Generally hotels are definitely celebrated moreover promise every tourist two of the the most wonderful stays in Kochi. Washing DC provides wide range regarding transportation systems in this city.Natural beauty connected along sun, sand while naval makes this site a graded tourists target of the Kochi. Kochi: Formerly called Cochin, is called the most important Matriarch of Arabian Sea. The Genuinely Wall here has good traveler facilities, including handrails, cables car and essentially toboggan.

Vietnam could treffen also illustrious due to its impressive temples or wats including palaces. During out linked with the greater cities, credit score card and ATM phone cards are disposed at be virtually actually possible to provide use of. In the time of golden China tours, travelers get to indeed spend some duration in regions named for peaceful essence.Particular tour will apply you the bet to visit selected of China’s individual well-liked destinations and thus understand ways that tin cook the local foods. The dining table is generally filled with series of food belongings.

China online shopping websites allows for both easy shopping and making easy comparisons between the available items

workbench-for-clm.png There are multiplicity original essentially well as duplicate battery manufacturers in the market selling their products through retail stores and also via internet.
There are many hassles while shopping in a commercial market like you has to get in your car, squint for a parking space and wait in a queue to pay your bills etc. If the website is not good enough, it must result in scamming the poor buyer. The products bought through online shopping are safely delivered at your door step. To augment these parts you will find a range of accessories to use.
Using online shopping sites allows for both easy shopping and making easy comparisons between the available items. Know your golfer’s color, size, and style preference. Driving around to different stores, even if they are all in your town, takes a lot of energy. and provides you to have fuss free shopping including an easy and beneficial payment scheme. A product search allowed be needed to find out exactly where the item is available.
It gives a good first impression to the visitor, and this is vital to selling products done the internet. When you are using your credit card, use one with a low credit limit. This is because most from the items sold are wholesale items from Porcelain and the price is comparatively less than for example shopping complexes as product sold on this website does nought include taxes and other service charges. All these are coming up from the branded businessperson including come among unmatched quality.
Most digital circuits operate a binary system with two voltage levels labeled 0 and 1. Historically, finding the best price meant debonair from one jam-packed store to another, and price connection was more trouble than it was worth. It is true that there is convenience in china online shopping, but imprudent shoppers are in danger of losing their money to fraud.

Asia Host India: The Top Web Hosting Company for Setting Up a Website

senior_theater_WEB.334113427_std.jpg There are dozens of reasons for setting up a website. Most of them have to do among starting an ecommerce business or using the site to supplement an existing brick-and-mortar store. There are also those that simply wish to use the site to start their avow blog or set up an online organization to raise awareness about a cause they are heated about.

Whatever your aspirations are for setting a website up, the first and most important step is to look for a web hosting company. This can be a complicated step since there are literally hundreds of web hosting services out there; some are legitimate while others less so. However, Asia Host India – Web Hosting Solutions is one agency you can depend on if you are searching for a web hosting agency in India.

Of course, why should you image up with Asia Host India when there are dozens of distinct viable selections? Asia Throng India provides specialized web hosting and domination registration designed to meet the needs of various individuals and organizations. The agency is staffed concerning a team of highly skilled programmers and developers that can help you every step of the way to ensure that the site you create is up to substandard with your expectations moreover highest standards.

What services and features do you get near Asia Host India?

* 1-click scripts installer – With its own customized software, users can easily install plus survive PHP scripts by accessing their control panel. This means that you can have your own blog, discussion forum, calendar rather double gallery installed with little more than a single click.

* Marketing tools – With marketing tools, you can install your own RSS feed. A esteem checker is also included to allow you to quickly check the status of your site and its ranking for major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. A entertainer of opposite tools are also included to protect your site and its contents from unauthorized access.

* With Asia Publican India’s Site Studio, you don’t have to be a graphic designer plus a degree to create your own website and get it to gape just the way you destitution it to. Absolutely no technical knowledge or skills is required on your end.

* Unrestrained domain name – new subscribers get a free domain agnomen or have the option to transfer an existing one.

It is important that you are able to manage your website and withhold everything in order. This is especially important if you run an ecommerce website. Issues like glitches or an internal server error can endogenous delays and be detrimental to your business. With Asia Host India, you will always be able to fix any bugs through your control panel. Protasis you run into trouble with something you can’t fix on your own, then you can access live chat, email or phone support for immediate assistance.

You have many choices until it comes to web hosting options. Be sure that you pick a company that works for you and provides the essential tools and nurture service you need to successfully pilot and maintain your site.


23797d5fa2f4408889b91235.jpg Beijing is the primary of People’s Republic of China and amongst the nearly all crowded cities of the world. This is positioned in Northern China. later than Shanghai, Beijing is second prime city by inner-city aboriginal and supporting, artistic and education heart of the country. The city is command center for most of the China ruling state owned companies. The city is placed on the mouth from approximately cuneate north china plains. The city is delimited by mountains from the arctic face.

The magnificence of the city is remarkable including can get anyone’s heart simply. It seem here scenery put all his elegance. The city enjoy humid continental ambiance summers are habitually hot and humid, including winters are incredibly cold. While I was a kid, I crave to holiday all the stunning places of the world and in my massive list Beijing tour was also included. completely that age, I visit a number of angelic places of the globe but caused by some or other motive the trip to Beijing was awaiting. auspiciously before binary years I get a probability to visit Beijing, it was presently like my nightmare come true. I was exited rightfulness similar to a kid. Although it was an official tours, I took my brood beside alongside him on this excursion.

After implementation all the official accouterment for trip, our next job was to folio Cheap Domestic flights tickets fighting fit in advance. We rifle all cheap domestic flights. since it was the inquisitor trips and the funds was set sideways by our corporation, et al we had to perform absolute belongings within that financial statement boundary only. For sustaining our financial think line, we all resolute to buy cheap Airfare tickets. We inquire about best Cheap flights to Beijing and gather the Cheap air fare details and their provide services. I hired a trip agent for this reason who conversant me that during apex season time, few foremost airlines cheap flights to Beijing similar to Air China. By the assist of my agent, we were talented to purchase cheap Domestic Aura tickets to Beijing from one from foremost airlines.

At final we arrived to Beijing. as of the airport, we frankly pass away on to the hotel which was previously booked by our organizer. The hotel provide all the desirable amenities, there we take some relax further then visit to office for the rationale concerning business conference. That was our four days China holiday bundle tour.

Do You Like Southeast Asia Style Furniture

fold-out-hanging-chairs.jpg If you are likely to buy cane furniture for home decoration, I am sure you would be the enthusiast of Southeast Asia style furniture because from most rattan furniture, you can clearly see the Southeast Asia style.

As is known to all, lots of rattans are grown in the Southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines area, as a result, all kinds like cane furniture are popular in these countries, when looking at the cane furniture being sold in the shopping center, in most cases you can find more or less the Southeast Asia style from them, however, when being asked about which home decoration abstraction can raken reflected from these Southeast Asia style furniture, can you give the right answer? This is the exact article for you.

When looking at Southeast Asia style furniture including Southeast Asia stylishness address decoration, you would be easy to find they are paid attention on the nature, the original taste and flavor and more handicraft art. In short, their furniture are famous with their natural feature. For example, you can see the Indonesia rattan, water plants in Malaysia tributary and Thailand veneer. As for the color, original cane color and original wood color are the main tone, in addition, deep color such as brown are also widely used on furniture, as a result, from the visual consciousness perspective, they can give tribe the simple and natural feeling, what’s more, along plus the decorative items such as fabrics, you should not feel it is so monotonous, on the contrary, you would be aware that the whole atmosphere would be more active. By the way, as for the fascia of fabrics, you can see some deep colors which are the symbol of Southeast Asian style color, under the suitable sunlight, you can even some noble feeling along with steady.

Just like the new style cane cabinet with more colors further more style, nowadays another and more Southeast Asian style furniture are mixed with some western design idea and even the traditional Asian culture when designing. With the offbeat raw materials and the different colors matched, you can prohibition only find its original features, but also find more flashy changes. However, no matter which kinds of changes, it is the symbol of nature further leisure, I am steadfast when placing such furniture at home for decoration, the life attitude that back to nature can be survived for a long schedule completely.

Music Business in China

p02-140824-a3.jpg We house in a time where there are not solitary increasing amounts of people releasing music due to the internet and home production tools, but endless distractions for people on all sides. When orotund production peaked in the 1980′s, canaille had little else besides a TV and their music player or stereo to distract them. Immediately people have in their hand, mobile, internet, video games, video cameras, instant messaging, society networking, et alii endless super cool apps to hold them occupied. This makes it increasingly difficult to get attention for your music and art. More and more, to get people’s interest, you must have a great story! Only then they will be open and interested to listen to the music.

Now with new music production, promotion, marketing, sales and distribution, both within China and outside, to the existing Chinese artists through local office in Beijing, the industry is regaining its shape. Many more companies are now ready to pledge music production services in China, portion are based within China. The local office is staffed with bilingual locals who know the market and culture, and have experience working amidst Chinese and international artists there. These Companies have been legally registered pro re nata a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China. Single like them is under the nomination ‘敬真堂(北京)文化咨询有限公司’ which translates to ‘Respect Truth (Beijing) Culture Consultancy Co. Ltd.’ (This was as close as to the English select given the language and cultural differences. It is congenial of translation of the Chinese name, that mean ‘Church of Truth’)

There are multifold option in China for recording, audio production, music composition, mastering and sound design / film post production. Because China is a complex and daunting emporium for a foreign company, the music industry starting out with the following basic range of services for music production:

For Chinese artists:
* Focusing on getting Chinese artists who are organize exposure internationally
* Getting worldly distribution and sales for Chinese music.
* Promotion and marketing for Chinese artists abroad by connecting with interested markets and fans

For International Artists:
* Digital distribution for international artists in China.
* Promotion et al marketing in China focusing on key social networking sites.
* Collaboration upon Chinese artists and recording traditional Chinese instruments with local professionals

As continuous work is being done in researching the industry and experimenting with new techniques for puffery and marketing music in China, there want also be offering licensing for Chinese music internationally in Film, TV, et alii online, expanding their revenue sources. China is an important market backed up by the latest statistics. There are many offers for Chinese artists who are ready in creating their own business and unfurl music career in China, to maximize their profit and control.

To sum up, Ware is a huge, emerging market for the music industry, but currently in its infancy, besides immature. Professional assistance is desperately needed due to crippling discouragement for artists attributed to the pervasive downloading of music. There is also a huge lack of ‘official’ presence for foreign artists who are becoming very popular in China. That means huge opportunity for those willing to support, develop and nurture this challenging market.

Compared the boron industry situation of China and the world

world-cci-apr-july-2015.jpg Currently, the world boride (also including boron) output had been reached 3,000,000 tons or so. The United States is the largest producer and consumer country, the production was 1.38 million tons; Turkey is rich in boron resources, boride production ranks second in the world, reaching 1.18 million tons, mostly for exporting; Russia has 227,000 tons, Argentina has 7.8 tons. Including China, these countries have reserves different aggregate of boron resources. According to metal powder exporter, Western Europe and Japan and bout distinct developed countries were lack of boron resources, mostly relying on imported ore or borax, boric acid to deep process until other borides.
After nearly 50 years of development, China has basically established a boron mining, boron processing, boron and boron fine chemical new materials, production and other complete industrial system. Currently, the annual boron ore production is 1.4 million tons (standard ore), borax production capacity is 500,000 tons (in 2003, the production is 385,000 tons), boric acid production capacity is 200,000 tons/year, the yield is around 60,000 tons/year. After 2003, Qinghai, Shandong’s boron industry was getting rapid development.
Chinese boron industry is based on produce boron borax und so weiter boric acid. Chinese borax is mainly used in glass and enamel industries. In recent years, the demand of Chinese borax is increasing, in 2001 it was 327,500 tons, in 2002 it was 352,400 tons, in 2003 it was 385,000 tons, in 2004, more than 400,000 tons. In 2005, Chinese total demand of borax was more than 420,000 tons. At present, Chinese annual output of boron stone is about 1.4 million tons (standard ore), borax’s annual production capacity is 500,000 tons, the annual output capacity of boric caustic is 200,000 tons. Boric acid is mainly used for glass connective light. Circa two years, boride production enterprises through adjusting the consequence structure, improve the high value-added boron fine chemical products production, boric acid’s demand was increased, has been increased from 50,000-60,000 tons to 80,000 tons, an average annual increase speed is up to 6.5%. By 2010, Chinese boric acid consumption has reached 15 million tons.

Chinese boron ore are mainly the ascharite, lower grade (boron oxide, 12% -14 %), at present, the borax production is used CO2-soda method. Boric acid are all-embracing use sulfuric acid step, using senior grade boron and magnesium ore in Tibet, Qinghai, Liaoning as raw material. Nearly two years, some companies in Shandong region using the Tibet, Qinghai’s ascharite to produce boric acid (one-step) were put toward industrial production, and some of them are reached an anniversary output of 5,000 tons.
China is now suitable to produce positive borate, metaborate, perborate, fluoroborate salts, boron halides, boron hydrides, boron powder, boron whiskers and other boride, contain eleven series, 40 kinds, now the largest varieties have calcium borate, sodium perborate, zinc borate, boron carbide and other types. The world’s proven reserves boron ore has about 335 million tons, mostly distributed in the Western Hemisphere, the United States is the most concentrated. Chinese proven boron reserves have 50 million tons. Among them, half of them are szaibelyite magnesium iron and boron mixed ore, salt lake brine and solid boron is about 2,000 tons, and the facilitate exploration ascharite mineral is less than 300 tons. Therefore, less, low grade, high impurity smug is the weak point of Chinese boron resources. According to the Chinese boron resources, from the 1950s, Chinese enterprises are using two-step method to produce boric acid, in recent years begun to take one-step production.