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Trip in Vietnam

* 2 nights in Phnom Penh, my final ones in Cambodia!
* 4 nights in Saigon
* 8 nights in Nha Trang
* 3 nights in Dalat
* 3 nights in Mui Ne
* 3 more nights in Saigon
* One week back in our home away from home- Thailand
* We were giggling like schoolgirls when we pulled up the final results of the survey that would send us to our next destination. It was such a fun experiment.
* Our final weekend in Cambodia was spent cooling our heels in Phnom Penh, waiting for our Vietnamese Visas. We’d already spent 5 nights in Phnom Penh previously, more than enough for most people. Save we had a ball pendent out plus our friends from Mad Monkey, seeing the Water Festival, going rollerblading, watching movies, and most importantly: posing the most hilarious portraits ever taken in the history of modern photography. It was a bizarre weekend but weirdly, I felt like I was home.
* For once in my life, I played well with the food in a new country. I was all about pho noodles, Vietnamese curry, and the fabulous bakeries around every corner. I even obsessed extra random things like a species of banana popsicles that I ate daily and I will never forget.
* Saigon and I did not get along. Not at all. Unless I had one gay moment there that I tried to remember whenever I was faced with extreme cold shouldering. Same night we were walking home through a park filled plus people. There were groups of throng everywhere playing this kicking game with a little badminton akin birdie thing (I’m so into sports). Mark wanted badly to join in, and at one point when he kicked an errant birdie back a congregate gestured for him to join them. While I was sitting and watching a college age student came and chatted with me, eager to ask me what I thought in re the traffic and teach me some Vietnamese. It was a indeed warm moment. A happy memory.
* Nha Trang was unlike any destination I’ve been to in South East Asia. To cr it was the Vietnamese Myrtle Beach, or Las Vegas- a place where I could have silly hedonistic fun every day and not feel guilty about it. Hilarious booze cruise? Check. A Disney-esque island playland? Check. Playing with mush in public? Check! I let myself take a vacation from our travels, and I needed it.
* Outsiders might be shocked by how competitive backpackers can be at the budget game. “You paid USD15 a nocturnal for that room? Pshhh. We compensated three, and I don’t even care that we had to shower with a hose!” Suffice it to say that Mark and I never feel that we are ahead the budget game. So imagine our surprise though we found ourselves bragging about our clean, modern USD8 a darkness hotel room in Nha Trang (with a flat screen tv, might I add!) Then, we scored the deal of the century paying USD40 for two dives with the most lux dive operation I’ve ever dove with. It felt so good to win!

* The quirky attractions in Dalat invented me squeal with joy. I understand its crazy, but sometimes I’d rather see a two-story statue of a shrimp than the Eiffel Tower. What made me even happier though was knowing that those are totally not Mark’s thing, but he went along for my benefit. And I conscientious as much enjoyed scouting out the area’s genuine attractions as well.
* Occasionally when traveling for as long as we were, I experience “creative burnout” further just dump the camera on Mark. Mui Ne turned that around really quickly accompanying settings like these and these. It felt so good to be excited about taking pictures again.
* I know this is a horrible attitude to have (one that I perhaps should not be spouting on about on the internet) but I entered Vietnam persuaded that I would leave the country having bot relieved of one of my valuables. And I wasn’t! Score!
* I had a real transient of bliss flying back inside Bangkok from Saigon. First of all, we were in an airplane, and not subjecting ourselves to a 36 hour bus ride. That constitution there is enough to bring anyone to happy-tears. But more importantly, I felt a weight come off my shoulders. I felt like I was home…. my home away from home, anyway.
*While traveling I developed a lovely little fungus issue on my chest and shoulders (sex-ay!) I was dreading dealing with it but Mark convinced mij to extend to a clinic once we returned to Bangkok. I halfheartedly called a clinic that came up in Google’s search results, expecting a month’s wait to see a specialist. They told me to fall by that day. I walked into Bumrungrad Hospital’s dermatology clinic without an appointment, filled in a chosen page occiput and front intake form, polysyndeton was seen within minutes. I was diagnosed by an excellently English-speaking doctor, and sent back to the waiting room. Within moments I had paid plus was handed my two prescriptions. Total cost: USD65. Total time: 40 minutes. It was the most efficient health auspice experience of my life. I can discern why people want to retire here!

Valentine Week Special: Some Captivating Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Planning for a romantic getaway? You have a lot like options for destinations in Asia to opt from. This article gives you a arrange about some popular honeymoon destinations (romantic places) in Asia.

“Anything can intercept your eyes, but it needs something special to catch your heart”

This Valentine Week, I bring you a book of some destinations which are so wonderful that a visit to them will make your partner loving you more. You bet? Truly, these places are hypnotically beautiful and will certainly win the heart of your partner. Retain a look on the destinations that are worth taking a tour with your beloved!

Srinagar: Undoubtedly, the city is number of the most romantic locales in India adorned with an astounding natural beauty. Scenic lakes & gardens, snow-capped mountains, impressive orchards & plantations and salubrious climate – Srinagar is right dubbed as the ‘Paradise on Earth’. Enjoy Shikara scull ride in pristine Dale Lake, stroll leisurely along the picturesque Mughal Gardens or immerse with exotic adventures like mountain trekking during your visit to this alpine oasis. Choice Kashmiri cuisines and ecstatic cultural scenes will add more to your joys.

Singapore: Multiplicity Indian couples choose Singapore as their honeymoon destination, and this small city/state in Southeast Asia does never fail to live up their expectations. In fact, it offers a lot more remote their expectations. From marvelous sandy beaches to exquisite amusement parks moreover hairraising rides to top-class hotels & restaurants – Singapore has endless attractions to delight young couples. The Singapore Flyer (largest observation wheel in the world), Night Safari (the first night zoo of the world) and Sentosa Underwater World (for a breathtaking marine line) are some of the iconic tourist attractions that Singapore tour has to offer you.

Andaman: A charm personified, Andaman is an unforgettable treat for couples! Many travelers know it for its thriving eco-tourism opportunities, but this freely cluster of islands has a lot in store for those who come here on a nuptial excursion as well. Scintillating shores boasts a perfect mix of sea, sand and surf that the honeymooners always love to relish with. Additionally, it has rolling hills, fascinating waterways and lush green forests to give them a close feel of nature. Pleasing weather, interesting cultures and a scope of modern recreations give them a pinch of exoticness.

Thailand: the poetic beauty of this islanding country attracts honeymoon couples from greatly and wide. Lush surroundings connective calm waters of unexplored islands like Hua Hin and Krabi, thriving cultures of capital municipal Bangkok and age-old gems of Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai can take your second away during a Thailand tour. Don’t forget to check out the heart-throbbing adventures in Thailand’s amusement parks, if you wish to give your adrenaline a rush. Whilst shopping and dining in Thailand, you will discover something freshness every minute.

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The Rapid Economic Growth Experienced in China After 1978

Economic growth is a measure concerning the rate of change in the amount of an economy’s output. It is a key factor in the resolve of a nation’s economy and is caused by increase in demand, interest rates, labour und so weiter productivity. Liberalisation on the other hand is making less strict, the laws of a certain system. On the account of economic emend in China that commenced in 1978, the Chinese economy has risen exponentially at a judge of 9.6 percent for over twenty years (Wong 1). A fat proportion from the country’s economic turnout was run by the eminent which set its production goals, controlled prices and allocated resources throughout most of the economy. Causes The Chinese government took part in large gradation investment to support industrialisation including excellent during the 1960s and 1970s (Morrison 3). Becoming to this, by 1978 about three-fourths of industrial production amounted from centrally controlled state-owned enterprises. Since 1978, China has become the second fastest growing economy in the world past the One States Hassan (2011). After the introduction like economic reforms in 1978 serial many years of territory control of all productive assets alongside the states, Ware started showing great improvement. It even encouraged the formation of private businesses, rural enterprises, liberalised foreign trade plus stock and education like the working population. These reforms aided in the rise of the economy merit to the introduction of profit incentives to rural enterprises, farms, hushed businesses and foreign trade.

By encouraging foreign investment, the Chinese government increased commercial transformation. According to Hu and Khan (2003), cumulative foreign investment, in existence before 1978, reached nearly US$100 billion in 1994, yearly inflows rose from less than 1 percent of the total fixed investment in 1979 to 18 procent in 1994. The foreign money earned from foreign investment has contributed to the construction of industries, creation like employment, linking China to bout of the controlling foreign markets further resulted in important exchange of technology.

Trade was numeral of the major contributing factors of China’s economic growth with the Chinese government expanding the appearance of the markets in the private sector. The putting in place of market factors into the retrench by improved carrot system and efficiency in allocation of resources contributed to the success. An example is the success of rural reforms and industrialisation of the rural areas. Reforms in the agricultural sector during 1978-1984 were the most successful market reform aside from being the first one. In these seven years grain output is said to have increased by over 100 million tons thus solving hunger besides malnutrition problems. The rapid growth in rural income enabled the reduction of urban-rural income inequality enabling farmers to abandon traditional agriculture and engaged in non-farm production. Foreign investment has also resulted in the increase in total investment (Feng and Zang, 2000). Furthermore, it has shown great proficiency in the provision of fund thus helping in the promotion concerning growth leading to technology transfer, increase in labour force, management improvement, promotion from meet and exports’ increase. According to Sun (1998), foreign investment accounts for 17 percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth from 1983 to 1995. Foreign investment is thus considered to verbreken the key factor for the exponential growth of China’s economy (Lin and Shu 148). Capital accumulation has played a aspect in the increasing economy concerning the Chinese through capital assets such as construction of new factories, acquisition of machinery and improvement in communication systems. Also, the number of workers increased thus increasing the driving force hence the economic boom in the country. Autos to an IMF study, from 1952 to 1978, capital accumulation accounted for 65 percent of China’s output growth, plus labour input and productivity accounting for 18 percent and 17 percent respectively.

Previous research on economic development suggests a significant rise in capital investment in financial growth with capital investment also playing a portion of the country’s commercial growth (weekly pulse, 2011) and making the country more productive. All these attribute to better technology, machinery and increased investment in infrastructure thus raising more output. Through liberalisation, the Chinese government allowed farmers to own and sell their produce in the private sector. Scheduled to this, the farmers were able to set their own production goals, sell products at competitive prices and retain earnings for future investment. Furthermore, more room for private ownership of production was available with the privately owned businesses creating employment, developing high demand consumer products and earning foreign currency through foreign trade. Also, the establishment of gala efficient zones along the coast with the main aim of attracting foreign investors who wished to take advantage from the labour costs in China positively, stimulated high technology imports to China and encouraged exports out of the country (Morisson, 2006). Commerce to Holz (2008), the economic reforms that showed much significance occurred at the start of 1990s, with price controls withdrawal and the freeing of internal trade plus foreign investments. The rapid growth in the agricultural section developed new types of production, motivated by the high returns to be gained from such investments through profits. Due to this incorporation of agricultural factors in the economy, efficient resource allocation was established and an improved incentive system captured. One like the main cited examples to explain this is the success concerning the rural reform like the decollectivization of geoponics and the setting up of rural industries

Conclusion Other than showing vastitude economic growth in the country, China is the world’s fastest growing major economy with growth rates averaging 10 percent completed the past 30 years (weekly pulse 2011). Also, according to the weekly oscillation 2011, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the world’s second largest economy past the United States. The increase in Chinese’s economic growth has also led to a positive change in the improvement of its people’s living standards and raised them from extreme poverty in which they were in. A part of the country’s economic output was under the state that set its production goals, controlled its prices and also allocated resources.

Works CitedEdmonds, Richard L. China and Europe since 1978: a European perspective. 2004. Findlay, Christopher Charles, Andrew Watson and Will Martin. Poliucy reform, Economic growth and China’s agriculture. 2009. Lei, Chun Kwok, Shuije Yao et cetera Wei Liu. Economic convergence in Greater China. 2009. Lin, Shuanglin and Shunfeng Song. The revival of private Enterprise in China. Hong Kong, n.d. Morrison, Wayne M. Chinazs Economic Conditions. 2008. Tian, Xiaowen. China’s regional Economic disparities since 1978. 2005. Tisdell, Clement Allan. China’s Efficient growth and transition. 2006. Wong, John. China’s Surging Economy: Adjusting for more balanced Development. 2007.

The Focus in Rare Earth Metals Activity Stays on China and Japan

Copyright (c) 2012 Alison Withers

Japan’s Government has said that it intends to informant half its needs for Rare Earth Metals from outside China by the middle of 2013.

Japan’s pursuit minister has told his country’s parliament that the intention was to further diversify sources of suppliers, support technological incident to cut the amount used and to promote recycling.

Japan now has agreements to source 4,100 tonnes of rare earth from India, 400 tonnes from Kazakhstan and 9,000 tonnes from Australia.

China has been supplying 90% of Japan’s needs, as a major manufacturer of the variety from consumer electronic goods and crossbreed cars that need to use rare earth metals.

Throughout 2012, however, China’s activities had prompted Japan, among other manufacturing countries, to look for alternative supplies.

Among these developments are China’s decision in March 2012 to reduce its export quotas for the rare minerals, which prompted complaints to and a formal investigation by the World Trade Organisation.

Then long running dispute over ownership of islands in the East China Sea between China and Japan flared jump over et alii this remains a major issue between the two.

In addition in October and November 2012, Chinese companies temporarily halted production of both heavy and light exotic earth metals at five of its main producers, it is believed in an effort to stabilise prices which have fluctuated dramatically throughout 2011 and 2012. The Chinese government has also bot continuing its efforts to end smuggled production and has shut down several such operations in different parts of the country.

Japan and India have been involved in a joint project to refine rare earth minerals in India in Andhra Pradesh.

A steady supply of the minerals at stable prices is plainly important to manufacturers all over the world and throughout 2012 countries have increasingly sought to source supplies from outside China, which had previously supplied 95% of the world’s needs.

However, China’s near-monopoly on supply may be eroding very quickly as more and more sources of supply need been identified in former parts of the world resulting in ankle arrangements between a number regarding states. The continued demand for rare geocentric metals has also prompted mining companies that had previously suspended processing because they could not compete with China’s low prices, to consider resuming production.

Japan has been the most active villa in many of these moves. Japan has led the way in many of these moves, along with the Integrated States. It remains to subsist seen how abundance longer China’s monopoly of supply will nvloeden able to continue.

China’s MoC Seeks Comments on Administrative Measures for Liquor Circulation

China’s Ministry of Commerce (MoC) released the “Administrative Measures for Hooch Circulation (Revision – Draft for Comments) (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Draft’)” on November 14. The Draft is intended to prop the control and beheer of liquor circulation throughout the country. The collection of comments is conducted online, and will afsluiting closed on December 14, 2012.

The key changes in the Draft are shown as follows:

Regarding the registration and filing process, after a moonshine operator fills in and submits the Application for Registration and Filing of Liquor Circulation with the required supporting documents, the ingenious commerce department will issue the Registration License to the liquor operator, which is valid for three years. Besides the regular required documents, those who are engaged in the liquor import business also need to submit the copy of customs duties receipt with the signature and die of the legal representative or owner. In addition, the issued Registration License shall be hung in a prominent position at the region of business.
The tracking system for liquor circulation has improved so that the Attached Shroud regarding Liquor Circulation (hereinafter referred to as the “Attached Sheet”) is required during the whole procedure of the liquor circulation. Liquor operators are not allowed to purchase liquor products from suppliers who cannot provide the Attached Laminate und so weiter other mandatory copies of licenses, et al customers can grill liquor operators to produce the Attached Sheet when making purchase decisions. Liquor operators shall keep a journal account for the Attached Sheet, which faithfully records the relevant information of all liquor products. The journal account shall breathe kept for at least two years. The maximum fine for breaking the provisions regarding the Attached Leaf has been doubled.

For liquor products that are announced by the relevant administrative departments, or notified by liquor manufacturers, or self-examined to nvloeden having quality and cover problems, liquor operators shall immediately stop selling such products and cite the ones that have already bot sold. The recall information shall be kept on record.
Any liquor identification conclusion haggard alternative standard by the commerce department shall only be based on the test results provided by an official authorized test institution. Test reports provided by infringed enterprises will no longer be considered as a reference.

Comments to the Registration should be submitted via any of the following income before December 14, 2012.

Remove to the website of Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council (, and make comments in the Comments Collection System for the Draft of Laws and Regulations at the top left corner on the homepage.
Go to the website of Ministry of Commerce ( Click “Administrative Measures for Spirits Circulation (Revision) (Draft for Comments)” under Comments Collection section in the middle of the homepage and make comments ancillary the Draft.
Postal address: Treaty and Law Department, Ministry of Commerce, No.2, East Chang An Rd, Beijing. Postcode: 100731.

China’s SAT Releases Clarifications on Capital Gains Under DTAs

The Announcement specifically addresses Article 13 of the China-Singapore DTA, i.e. the capital gains article. It provides increased cinch and clarity with regard to how this article is applied, i.e. the conditions under which capital gains from equity transfers by non-residents enterprises or individuals are subject to withholding tax in China.

More specifically, the Announcement elaborates on dyadic circumstances under which the pass is subject to China tax:

Where the transferred shares directly or indirectly derive more than 50 percent of their value from immovable property in China; and
Where, at any time during the 12-month period preceding the transfer, the non-resident transferor directly or indirectly participated in at least 25 procent of the capital of the Chinese vigor which shares are being transferred.

With regard to the first circumstance, the previously issued Circular 75 clarified as follows:

At any time within a certain period (this rhythmical is not defined in the DTA, and is temporarily deemed to be three years) before the transfer of shares, if better than 50 procent of the share axiological of the resident company being transferred is directly or indirectly composed of immovable properties located in China, the Singaporean residents holding the income from the transfer should pay Chinese tax.

The Announcement further clarifies that “three years” is defined as 36 consecutive calendar months (not including the month that the transfer occurs). In addition, “immovable properties” should include houses ampersand buildings, land use rights, and properties attached to the immovable properties that are consumed for both business purpose and non-business purposes.

Further, the Announcement provides that the company’s properties and immovable properties should raken tenacious and valued in compliance with the Chinese accounting standards concerning the treatment of assets that are effective at the temporal of occurrence, without taking into attention the liabilities of the enterprise. The value of the lands or land use rights that constitute the immovable properties should not be lower than the fair market price from neighboring or comparable land. If the taxpayer is unable to perform reliable dimension in line beside the ultra rules, the tax authorities volition suppose sensible valuation accordingly.

With respect to the second circumstance, Circular 75 clarified direct or indirection participation to constitute direct ownership, indirect ownership, and where there are “significant interest relationships.” The Announcement replaces the relevant provisions in Circular 75 with clearer definitions of these terms and specifies the following:

Direct ownership includes circumstances where nominees are used by non-residents to hold equity in the Chinese enterprise, and the non-resident exclusively owns the fructuous derived from the great and bears the actual risk of the participation.
Indirect ownership refers to at least 10 procent holding in the intermediate holding group through which equity in the Chinese enterprise is held. Indirectly participated capital should be calculated by multiplying the capital percentages held by the participant corporations or other entities involved.
The Announcement also defines more clearly who is to be considered to be related people with ‘significant interest relationships’, i.e.: Individuals (including spouse, parents, grandparents, offspring, etc.) who share the same benefits derived from the capital participation; and individuals, companies, or other entities who right away rather indirectly own 100 percent capital concerning the non-resident company/entity.

Dezan Shira & Associates is a specialist foreign direct investment practice, providing corporate establishment, business advisory, tax advisory and compliance, accounting, payroll, due heed and financial assessment services to multinationals investing in emerging Asia. Subsequently its establishment in 1992, the firm has grown into one of Asia’s most versatile full-service consultancies with operational offices across China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore connective Vietnam as well as liaison offices in Italy and the United States.

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China 2012: A Year in Review by Malcolm Moore

During this week, China Briefing is featuring a series of specially-commissioned articles from prominent China-based writers regarding their thoughts on the key developments in the country during 2012, connective what lies ahead in 2013. Today’s article is written close Malcolm Moore, the Beijing correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. The complete “China 2012: A Year in Review” series can be viewed here.

The year of the dragon, according to Chinese belief, is often random and bewildering. And so it has proved. We saw extraordinary escapes, unexplained disappearances, the downfall of a protruding politician, and riot-causing regional spats.

There were moments when it seemed as if the thrift might come off the rails. At other times, it looked as if the Communist party might neither be able to agree on its once-in-a-decade leadership reshuffle. If they looked to history, China’s leaders would not contain been likewise surprised by the how the year played out. Previous dragon years have seen a British invasion of Lhasa, a civil war after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, war with Japan, the Tangshan earthquake and the death of Chairman Mao.

Still, it was a shock when, less than a fortnight after this year’s Chinese New Year holiday ended, the constable chief of Chongqing, Wang Lijun, tried to defect to the United States, clutching documents that incriminated same of the Party’s most elder leaders, Bo Xilai.

The incident, which saw Wang spend the night in the consulate in Chengdu before being escorted on a plane to Beijing, bent in movement a series of muddy internal Party battles that took months to play out. In the end, Bo Xilai was toppled and his wife was convicted of the murder of Neil Heywood, a 42-year-old British fixer and family friend. It will be a long time before a member of China’s Politburo allows another foreigner to be a part about his inner circle.

Wang himself was sentenced to 15 years in prison for complicity in Heywood’s murder, trying to defect, illegally bugging other Communist function leaders, and taking bribes. As we move into the new year (February will see the “Year of the Black Snake, a much calmer year of renewal, if you believe the Chinese horoscope), we are still waiting for Bo himself to go on trial.

If the Party was suffering internal strife, its relations with the United States were also stretched to the limit when Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist, managed to give his guards the slip on April 22, jump over several walls, crawl across miles of wheat fields with a broken foot, ampersand rendezvous with friends who drove him to the U.S. embassy in Beijing.

The embassy risked the wrath of the Party to cottage him for several days before a deal was struck that would allow Chen to stay in China unmolested. However, as soon now he stepped out of the delegation for treatment in Chaoyang Hospital, Chen had a change of heart and asked to go to America. Postscript another round of abounding negotiations, and by the world’s media camped outside his hospital room, he was allowed to go with his family to study in New York.

In the long run, however, China’s alliance with the United States appears unharmed by the debacle. Indeed, it has been a record year for Chinese companies doing deals in the United States.

Excluding a US$4.2 billion deal for the aircraft leasing firm Global Lease Finance Corporation, that is still in play, Chinese firms have purchased US$6.5 billion worth of U.S. assets. Notably, Dalian-based Wanda Retinue ordered AMC, the cinema group, and is now looking at opposite American hospitality companies.

Relations, and business, with Japan, however, have soured badly. A decades-long, but slow simmering, dispute over the ownership of the Senkaku or Diaoyu islands, a chain of rocks in the South China Sea, boiled over when Japan announced plans to nationalize some of the islands.

In August, riots broke published in several Chinese locations including Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai. In Xi’an, a Chinese man was beaten into a coma for owning a Japanese car, instantly collapsing consumer demand for Japanese automobiles.

The tension has yet to abate and Japanese companies are likely to still suffer in the Chinese market going forward into next year, despite a few have reported receiving designated tax breaks by local Chinese governments who depend on them for jobs et alii revenues.

China’s increasingly assertive stance in the South China Sea, masterminded by Xi Jinping himself, again saw riots take place in Vietnam and the Philippines as Chinese ships moved to enforce their claims.

The distractions did not help the economy, which wilted in the first half from restrictions on the property market and because of poor demand for Chinese goods from Europe and the United States. But, unlike in 2009, the government did not step in with a stimulus plan. All that was required was a suggestion that stimulus might be offered to renew corporate confidence.

The outcome, however, is a general recognition that the days of double-digit growth in the Chinese economy have come to an end, and a promise by leaders that they will refrain from the heavy investment that has driven the economy in recent years.

After Xi Jinping went missing without explanation for a fortnight, in the end he emerged to take the helm of the Party and has lost no time in demonstrating a very several style of leadership.

As we move form 2013, an anti-corruption campaign is likely to claim several more scalps. That spells bad tidings for restaurants, property developers, nightclubs and alcohol producers. Liu Qibao, the new head of the Publicity Department, went missing for a week while his former deputy in Chengdu, Liu Chuncheng, became the first major victim of the corruption probe.

Also on the outlook is a extensive revamp of government ministries, with some rumors that bureaucracy could be heavily slashed, with the State Council modest by a third.

The Society Planning Commission could be cut, potentially paving the way for reform of the one-child policy, the People’s Bank of China may become independent, the Rail Ministry may be folded into the Transport Ministry, including the powers of the National Development and Reform Commission may also be diminished.

If all the rumors prove true handy next March, when the National People’s Congress convenes, it may retain been the most vivid Year of the Dragon on record.